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  Orton Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was founded with an aim to provide services to the heavy engineering industry, such as crane manufacturing industry, steel industry, power sector etc.

Motorized Cable Reeling Drums


Torque Controller Type Motorized Cable Reeling Drum


Stall Torque Motor Operated Cable Reeling Drum

Orton have a complete range of motor driven torque controller cable reeling drums.  This reels shown in this catalogue are direct reeling units where the cable compartment is mounted directly on the torque controller.
  These types of cable reeling drums are normally used for cables of size 4C X 25 sq mm (max) and cable lengths upto 20 mtrs.  However these drums can be used even upto 150 mtrs if the cable diameter is small (say 4C X 2.5 sq. mm )

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